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New Guild updates.


New Rank System explained. ^-^

I want to keep the guild Equal. As well as rewarding those that perform best within the guild as well as for the guild. I believe i've came up with a nice ranking system that is in keeping with both these ideals.  We want to protect the guild from those that may try to abuse the open rights policy which brings me to the first rank.

T0-Member. or (Tier 0 - member)  This is the default setting for those invited to the guild. Upon joining the guild your date of joining will be added to your member notes. you can view the guilds tabs, but will not be able to withdraw anything until 5 days have passed.
The criteria of these 5 days involve activeness as well. If you join and your not active for 3 weeks  when you return you WILL still be Tier 0 - , Once this grace period is complete you will be promoted into the normal member ranks. The details are below.

T1-Member. - Your trust is now at 1, this means we trust you enough for you to be able to withdraw 1 item out of the bank tabs a day. We trust you not to spam invite people so that they join the guild. This is not what were about.
A T1- Member has all the same rights as a T5 member only to varying degrees of amount etc.
The criteria for "promotion" to T2-member is simple, Activity with in the guild, this means being social and a willingness to help others with in the guild as well as the guild its self.

(the following Tiers follow this general setting)

The more you do the greater your chance of moving through the ranks.

Tier 5- is for people who have shown that this guild is like there own. 

Guild repairs will be initiated for all above T1 when we hit level 5 and get the cash flow perk.  lending gold from the guild bank is not allowed until we have some decent gold behind us.  if its only a small amount then we will make exceptions how-ever.

Im planning to overhaul the bank tabs system, So if you want anything from the bank message me, or rosiella with what you want to take out. Thank you .
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laylalouise, Jun 16, 11 10:32 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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